The WAFC Photo and Video Policy

‘Play by the Rules – Taking images of children’ is a useful guideline to help understand the ways in which image capture is undertaken appropriately. The policy and linked document provide some insight into the issues we try to manage as a Club and how important it is for us to be aware of related activity. If you do intend to take photos or videos at a PJFC game, please act in accordance with this policy here,51,62,67,52,66,63,75,76,65,64&search=photoandvideo;

PJFC Club “Opt Out” Photo Policy

PJFC has a great resource in professional photographer Georgia McMullen who takes fantastic team and action photos for our club. However, we are aware not everyone wants their kid’s photo on social media or this website. The PJFC club photo policy is “opt-out”, that is, if parents don’t want their kid’s photo online, then parents need to let us know via their Team Manager or Coaches. However, as we have a lot of kids in the club and often we don’t know faces and names of everyone, if we have already or inadvertently posted a photo that needs to be removed, then please contact us with details of your request and we will do our best to remove it ASAP.